KoAlarm window8


Anyone KoAlarm simple alarm application is available. Bulky buttons all the time easy by providing a preset alarm can be set. Alarm mode and timer mode can be switched easily, and also is easy on and off. KoAlarm when the weather time or the meeting would be useful.

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  • Easy alarm, timer mode switch
  • Users often provide a preset amount of time you use
  • Easy on / off, adding, editing capabilities
  • Beautiful Design location of

What's Next

The Next list not only contains single to-dos, it also shows action steps from active projects. Note icons and due dates are only shown if you actually added such attributes to an item. Tap the Clock icon in the lower right to sort by due date. Overdue items get a red checkbox.

Upcoming Due Dates

Never miss a due date again. Simply tap the Due Date icon and all of your next action steps are filtered and sorted by due date. See what's coming up next and mark the appropriate to-dos to be displayed in your Today list.